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We produce two types of square leather laces:
– Art. 100 – Laces cut from full-grain butts specially tanned with aniline on chromium base by special recipes in order to obtain the maximum tensile strength while having an excellent softness.
– Art. 400 – Crusted laces cut from butt splits with fake grain and specially tanned with aniline on chromium base.vera-pelle


Width: ( +/- 0.2 mm.)
QN mm. 3,2
QL mm. 3,5
QX mm. 4,0
QY mm. 5,0
Thickness: +/- 0,4 mm. )
Standard mm. 2,8 ( functional )
On request we can produce thinner laces ( mm. 2,4 or mm. 2,2 or mm. 2,0 or mm. 1,6 ) but without shoelaces functionality.

our colours card includes 22 colours of which we always have ready in stock the skins to be cut on various requested sizes.


In addition to the wide range of colours in our catalog at the customer’s request we can make new colours, including the section’s color, referring to Pantone TPX; for the realization of new color’s first sample we need about 2 – 3 weeks. And also, In addition to our standard tanning system ( suitable for footwear for its tested strength, durability and softness ) we can provide laces with special treatments:
– Not – absorbent ( endorsed Gore )
– Fastness ( not color release )
– Waxing ( no – dusting )

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