Dear Customer,

The pandemic situation has completely changed our life habits.

The cancellation of “LINEA PELLE” event didn’t give us the opportunity to present the novelties designed for the spring / summer 2022 collection.

Although visible in our online catalog, the images don’t faithfully reproduce the reality of the products and don’t do justice to the care, to the attention to detail and commitment to the final realization.

Last but not least, the difficulty of having had to interrupt the interpersonal contact with the client we care so much about.

To make up for the first lack, we have created the catalogs attached here, with some articles of our production and the news of the summer season 2022.

We also want to remind you that the laces we produce are eco-sustainable and highlight the production of laces produced with certified yarns (recycled or organic).

Never before has our company paid attention to the choice of materials for the manufacture of our products, for an eco-sustainable production and for the protection of the surrounding environment.

We trust in the good acceptance of the catalogs, in the hope of being of help in the creation of new products to satisfy the requests of your customers.

We remain at your complete disposal for any clarification you need and to provide you with samples, on articles of your interest or in the creation of articles based on your design.

Hoping to be able to return to the usual seasonal appointments as soon as possible, we send you our best regards.

If you are interested to receive our catalog,just send us an e-mail at with your full name and we will send you the catalog.

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