Leather laces

Our company operates in Tuscany in the leather sector since 1955.

For the realization of our laces we start by the purchase of a certain raw hides directly from French slaughters as we use only the finest leather suitable for our use.
As soon as the raw hides arrive in warehouse we select them and skilled craftsmen get butts through the elimination of unsuitable parts like the shoulders and bellies.


The butt is the only part that we use to obtain our laces and we proceed with the first and most important phase of tanning after we hold the skins for the necessary time to be rested and reconditioned and we move to a further selection.

At this point we begin the equally important second phase of tanning by greasing and aniline dyes.

These processes are studied, tested and continually updated to obtain a product more and more advanced both technically and regulatory and with the maximum respect for the environment.

When skins are dry we carry out the latest processing and perfecting phases and we hold them again for ageing. Always by the hands of skilled craftmen these skins will selected and cut on the sizes required by the customer.

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